Balloon Drops and Confetti Cannons

There is nothing like the excitement created by either a balloon drop or a confetti shoot at that moment
of a great win or a big announcement or even the climax of a big evening such as New Year’s Eve.
Balloon drops can come in all sizes from a few hundred balloons in a single net up to a limitless
number of balloons in multiple nets.
We consider a 50ft net to be our standard drop. It will hold 1400 9 inch balloon but we use a variety of
sizes so we call it our 1000 balloon drop (give or take a few – most likely it’s more) But, we can adjust
the nets to fit the ceiling or the event. No problem.
Another drop we use is called the décor drop. It is very popular because it is used as decorations as
well as a balloon drop.
We were decorating large venues and doing drops at midnight when I realized all of the effort and
money was only seen at midnight or and the grand finale so we created “DECOR DROPS”.
The drops appear to be swags or a halo around a dance floor or even columns or balloon bunting
through the whole event but pull the 100lb line and then your décor has become your balloon drop.
After 40 years of events I’m still amazed at how people respond to balloons falling on them. It’s crazy
For confetti it’s almost the same type effect except your decorating the sky. Our big cannons will shoot
1lb a second for over a minute if we need to. Generally we shoot about 25lbs to 30lbs and that will fill
the best of coliseums or event venues. At the ACC tournaments we fill the whole basketball area with
10’s of thousands of beautiful flutter-butterfly confetti.
It’s a confetti that’s designed for a slow fall. It shoots about 80ft in the air and then it takes 60 seconds
to descend over the event. It’s like a rainbow snowfall.
The streamers are one of my favs. Up to 40ft long they shoot out over an event with a bang of
excitement. At some events like the ACC we design them and charge them so they shoot with 20
cannons to meet in the middle of the floor (hopefully where the winning team has gathered)
Thousands of feet of confetti meeting at that moment of victory is an awesome look and it always
makes my heart jump. (plus the streamers are an easier clean up if you are doing an outside events or a
quick turn over) At the NCAA Soccer Championships we had to clean an entire soccer field twice
between award presentations. It was simple and took several of us but it was an incredible look.
Regardless of which effect to announce the victory or the new bride or the new company it’s an
awesome way to say hey we are celebrating.