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A big moment should be memorable, and a balloon drop is the perfect way to get your coworkers, friends or family members ready for any celebration. We can help you time the event perfectly so the balloon nets release at that perfect moment. Stand under the cloud of balloons as they drop around you and feel the buzz of excitement!

Custom Options

We like to think do some pretty awesome things with our balloons. We can decorate a smaller event or a huge arena, and offer a variety of colors and sizes to suit your special occasion. Our standard balloon drop is a 50ft net that will hold approx 1,400 9 inch balloons. It creates an epic balloon drop popcorn effect – the balloons are bounced and batted around the room!


Our balloon drops have celebrated with Victory Lane in NASCAR and the winning Woman’s ACC Basketball team for nearly 20 years! If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, a Grand Opening, a special announcement, or the final game of a big sports tournament then balloon drops can make that celebration spectacular.


Décor Drops

The balloon drops are disguised as décor for your event, blending in as a part of the party until the time comes when the balloons will be released and dropped down on all guests celebrating that special event

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