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If you are looking to make more of an impact at your next event, you should consider renting one of our confetti cannons that offer an enormous explosion of rainbow confetti at the right time. Our confetti cannon rentals are not only the best in the business, but our prices and customer service are second to none anywhere in the United States. Confetti cannons are perfect for those moments at weddings, political events, graduations, or parades across North Carolina and the entire east coast. No matter the event, a confetti cannon can make your event that much more exciting.

We make the "WOW"! has been at the forefront of the party rental business across the United States for over 30 plus years. We have learned that people want to have “WOW’s” at their events and nothing announces something special just happened like confetti. We have been delivering happiness as evident through our many, many happy customers.

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This is a cost-effective way to enjoy confetti launching at your next event. If you have extra manpower and a tight budget, then this is an ideal solution. We will offer you a complete demonstration in setting up, loading, and operating your confetti cannon. With a confetti cannon rental from, your even will be one of the most memorable times for your guest for years to come. Excite everyone with a pop of confetti with one of our cannon rentals and create a time they will never forget.

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We are experienced party experts with a professional team that deliver results.

Add more entertainment value to your party

Increase audience participation

Create a memorable atmosphere

Enhance your event

A pop of color and excitement for big news

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