Confetti Cannons


Throwing confetti is a tradition that goes back centuries – most commonly seen at weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries. Now with advances in technology, we can replicate this tradition on a much larger scale. Create a big impression with our choice of Confetti Cannons!

Custom Options

We offer a variety of color and size confetti options, including bespoke color schemes to match the theme of your event. We fire your choice of confetti using either CO2 tanks or an electric blower depending on the effect you’re looking for. Why not contact us and see how we can help you to find your ideal Confetti Cannon!


Confetti Cannons are quite simply the perfect starter or finale to any event. Celebrate that special moment whether its a birthday party, concert or major sports event. Fill the air with a spectacular splash of glittering and spiralling confetti!


Less Mess and easier to clean up, Streamers shot from the cannon are an alternative to confetti and much easier of a clean up process.

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